Do you have super powers?  Okay, so I’ll tell you what I mean by super powers.  If you live on Earth, you have at least one friend who is a complete open book and likes to tell their life saga any chance that someone will listen.  And when you happen to be that someone listening, you listen quietly (because you are the world’s greatest friend), you nod and you show sympathy.  And you think to yourself, “If they only knew how I — (insert super powers here).”  Super powers are a combination of things that alone would be ordinary, but when combined make you… well, extraordinary and super!  I’ll put myself out there and tell you my super powers.  And yes,
everybody has super powers
or at least the ability to possess them if they want.  My super power is that I have four children (three of which are under the age of four), I am attending graduate school full-time, partnering with my husband in our small business, donating my own milk to babies in need, and writing this blog.  Those are my super powers – managing those things.  (And let me be clear that by “managing”, I mean that I manage to get out of bed most days and put one foot in front of the other.)  So each of my friends knows at least one of those life things I mentioned, but a rare few know them altogether.  Unless you are that friend who bares all to all, then the same is most likely true for you.  Your life has a depth to it that few people know completely.  And your ability to manage it all makes you super!  I would love to hear from you – what is your super power?

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