Try this! The next time you’re out shopping for a greeting card, go to the general/varied card section.  Facing the cards, close your eyes and waive your hands side to side in a whimsical manner and commit to yourself that you will buy (and give) whatever card you land on.  (No matter what the card is.)   And with eyes closed still, land your hand on a card.  No put backs!  This exercise in being spontaneous is so much fun! Think about how silly you must look to other shoppers. And good luck explaining the Best Friend card you got your boss! Yes,
Spontaneity can be small.
And inexpensive! You don’t have to jet set to Jamaica or coast to the Keys to be spontaneous. Just a trip between the 99cent section and Hallmark Signature.  You should try it!  Chances that your card will rank high as most memorable are pretty high!  In the spirit of this post, I decided to randomly choose a shirt from our family pile of clean laundry, and then post that pic to Instagram.  Below is a picture of me wearing the shirt I landed on… a swaddling blanket!   (Sorry for the poor quality, I was using a bluetooth clicker to take the pic.)

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