I knew this day would come, but I did not expect it to come so soon.  Today, I am going to air out my work space (well, a section of it)!  I am just so excited about my recent storage and workspace solution, that
I am willing to put it all out there
in order to share this awesome find and all of it’s features!
This portable workspace by Husky boasts a whopping 5 ft in length and 2 ft in depth.  That’s a depth unheard of in most desks that are marketed to crafters and DIYers.  I know because I have been on the hunt for craft storage for quite some time.  Husky 7
  • You can read all of the specifications here, but to name a few of my faves:

    • 2 foot depth
    • Side power strip
    • Side USB ports
    • Locking drawers and doors
    • Soft-close drawers
    • Non-slip surface inside (keeps small items from sliding around)
    • Both deep and shallow drawers (which makes the storage truly multi-purpose)
    • Large shelved storage (perfect for boxes – did you know that you can order on account at Uline?  You have 30 days to pay!)
    • Retractable pegboard AND shelf (to be featured in a later post)
    • Solid wood top



Only potential drawback for some would be that there is no opening in case you like to sit and work.  I myself stand while working on projects (and I have a second workspace that allows me to sit), so this is not an issue for me.   I truly love this workbench.

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