My husband and I made some monumental decisions and changes toward the end of 2017.  I am excited to share them all on my website, and intend to do so using this and future blog posts.  One of the more simpler changes we made was to reduce our household (and overall) workload by donating and trashing the unused and unusable daily items we’ve been storing throughout our home.  We started in our kitchen.  We realized we had a lot of dishes in rotation, yet at the same time we were spending a lot of money on paper plates (allegedly to avoid dish washing).


But what if we had less dishes in rotation, and reserved our paper plates for hectic (or lazy) days and company?  We easily agreed to one dish category per family member. Which still adds up when you have six family members.  So each family member retains one plate, one bowl, one cup, one mug (we are a tea-loving family, down to the baby even).  For a matter of practicality, we did reserve a few extra cups and glasses for when we or the kids have guests.  Those have been moved to the top two shelves with other “special/limited use” containers like wine glasses and thermos containers.  The idea is that each family member has a few dishes to be responsible for and the other dishes should rarely fall into the daily rotation.  And if you haven’t figured it out yet, this means you have to get rid of anything extra.
But now, our max potential for kitchen MESS is drastically reduced.  We also set aside a few family keepsakes, like the porcelain tea sets given to our girls.  This was a much harder exercise to do than I thought.  (And I have not even started on the cutlery, pots/pans or bakeware.)  It is surprising the emotional attachment you can make to a dish.
You have to decide where your line is.
(It may be one cabinet full, 30 dishes total, etc.) And whatever does not make the cut, just does not make the cut.  And of course it’s okay to make some exceptions for special items like family keepsakes that you will use or display.  But if it will be hidden away, consider donating it to a person who will enjoy and cherish it like you would want; or to another family member who will use it.
I spread out the dishes for the purpose of showing the items we chose to keep, but you can see how much space is gained (and workload reduced) by completing this process.  Repeat this exerise with other areas of your home or work area and the payout will be BIG.

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