Playful food combinations are one of the most effective tools in my repertoire.  The power of combining flavors is AMAZING.  All of the science says that having plenty of vegetables and fruits are key to good health and well-being.  And I have found that mixing your foods (and drinks) is a tasty and easy way to meet otherwise difficult health goals.  We often do this in our daily life; like pouring cheese on broccoli, or adding chocolate syrup to milk.  But we are only scratching the surface.

You have to be willing to intermingle and experiment to achieve your best.

If you are willing to play with your food, you can achieve all of your nutritional goals.  Several methods of combining foods include juicing (particularly cold press juicers) , food processors, blenders, stews and various mixers.

The method is less important than the willingness to try new combinations.  Below I have shared some of my go-to combinations for meeting my (admittedly lofty) nutritional goals.  You will want to experiment with proportions to make these to your taste, but if you do have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Would love to hear from you what some of your favorite combos are!


Flax Oil + chocolate syrup (I like to make my own chocolate syrup by combing cacao powder with melted coconut oil and honey.)

Apple cider vinegar + apple juice + freezer (Frozen pops tend to hide the vinegar taste better than pure liquid form.)

Blended vegetable of choice + marinara (Tomato both hides and complements other flavors quite well.  Keep in mind that the veggie of choice will tend to change the color of your sauce.)

Organic maple syrup + tea (Pure maple syrup contains antioxidants and also many other nutrients and has fewer calories than honey.  It is also much sweeter than honey, so less is needed.)

Raw fruit or vegetable juice + bottled juice, pref 100% juice (Juicing raw fruit and veggies is expensive, so juice a half cup of the real stuff and then pour in some bottled apple juice to sweeten and make the nutrients stretch).

Sandwich + detox greens (It takes some planning if eating out, but I like to mix in detoxifying greens such as fresh dandelion greens or cilantro on sandwiches.  Can also add to salads.  Either replace entirely or do a 50/50 mix of the detox greens and the other leafy green.  Really, this would work with any nutritious leafy green.  The idea is to go beyond iceberg and to add a variety of nutrients to your daily diet.)

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