Turn Off Autopilot (A Small Way to Make Big Changes)

Even the most innovative of us have an inclination towards doing what is familiar to us.  What we eat, what we wear, the routes we drive, what we read or watch, and the list goes on.  The majority of our decisions are made on autopilot, and for the most part this is okay. But your… Read More

A Sea of Questions (Be a Better You)

I have been fascinated with the Hebrew account of a man named Jonah and his encounter with a great fish.  Below is part one of a multi-part series where I highlight my takeaway life questions from Jonah’s story. For me, Jonah’s story is very much about perspective. Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the… Read More

Take Back Your Kitchen (Take Back Your Time)

My husband and I made some monumental decisions and changes toward the end of 2017.  I am excited to share them all on my website, and intend to do so using this and future blog posts.  One of the more simpler changes we made was to reduce our household (and overall) workload by donating and trashing… Read More

A Little Spontaneity (Have a Little Fun)

Try this! The next time you’re out shopping for a greeting card, go to the general/varied card section.  Facing the cards, close your eyes and waive your hands side to side in a whimsical manner and commit to yourself that you will buy (and give) whatever card you land on.  (No matter what the card is.)   And… Read More